Loading Operation Control Simulator

The simulator is fitted with four training stations and one instructor station. The software makes it possible to plan and carry out loading, cargo handling operations and simulation of problems which may arise during loading of discharging on the following vessels. Cargo handling operations can be trained on the following vessels:

  • Tankers,
  • container vessels,
  • lash type vessel,
  • general cargo vessel,
  • bulk cargo vessel.

The simulator software is comparable with the software which is used on real sea-going vessels. It enables to control loading operations and necessary ballasting operations. A computer, similar to that in real conditions, constantly collects data from sensors and transmits them to the training panel. These data can comprise the following information:

  • ships draft,
  • ships list,
  • amount of cargo in the holds,
  • the level in the ballast tanks,
  • condition of ballast
  • etc.

All the forces, bending moments and shearing forces acting on the ship’s hull can be monitored all the time. The variety of exercises done in simulated conditions provides future officers a lot of knowledge and skills which are impossible to be acquired in real life.