Engine Department


To complete the first year of education it is mandatory for the students to be certified at:
Basic Safety Training

  • Course Content:
  • During the Basic Safety Training the students will get acquainted with the following skills:
  • Basic fire prevention and fire fighting
  • Basic first aid
  • Personal survival techniques (PST)
  • Personal safety and social responsibilities
  • Shipboard safety and security

Upon successful completion of the on-board training the students are obliged to take the following courses:

  • Medical first aid
  • Advanced fire prevention and fire fighting
  • Advanced training in survival and rescue (other than fast rescue boats)
  • Engine room resource management


5 x 3500PLN (paid in instalments) = 17 500 PL

(paid not later than 15/09 and15/01)

Fee transfer should be executed to BANK PKO S.A. IV/O GDYNIA

Bank account number:
49 1240 5354 1111 0010 4953 6860
The transfer TITLE should state :

Seagoing service and On-board training

During the studies at the School, the Student is obliged to complete a 12-month seagoing service including the on-board training. If the Student gets paid for the work done as a part of the training, the School does not charge or take any benefits on this account. The student only pays the tuition fees.

It is the Student who applies for and enters the required 12 months’ seagoing service and is obliged to find a shipowner providing such training. The seagoing service must be completed on board of merchant ships. Occasionally, Shipowners interested in hiring cadets, send their offers to the School Office so there may be an opportunity to enter the training offered by them.