Engine room simulator

This simulator allows training engine room department officers to familiarize them with the equipment installed in the engine room, to train them how to handle it both during routine and malfunctioning operations. For training purposes two types of engine plants can be created: with slow speed diesel engine and with medium speed engine plant.

This simulator includes not only the full size control console and electrical switchboard but also a complete 3D active visualization of the engine room space. This solution makes it possible to practice the following activities connected with engine operation, e.g.:

  • opening and shutting the valves,
  • changing of controls settings,
  • taking measurements of fuel oil and lubricating oil,
  • starting the mechanisms.

The course participants have the feeling of real life work of the power plant which helps to acquire the knowledge and skills in a better and faster way. The simulator is used both during training and up-grading courses. During standard courses only part of the simulator’s possibilities is employed but at the ship-owner request it can be used for more complicated tasks (fire-fighting, finding and removing faults or malfunctioning).