ECDIS simulator

ECDIS simulator is the most modern simulator purchased by Officer Training Centre. It has eight bridges; each of them is equipped with three monitors and control panel. The main screen shows the situation and in the lower part there are control and navigational instruments, such as:

  • gyrocompass,
  • magnetic compass,
  • engine telegraph,
  • steering gear
  • GPS,
  • echo sounder,
  • others

The other two screens represent radar and ECDIS. This simulator is made by Transas Marine and uses NaviTrainer 5000 system. A system of electronic charts NaviSailor 4000 is used in the simulator.

This equipment makes it possible to run training regarding ECDIS handling –these trainings will be obligatory soon. This simulator in a very realistic way represents sea areas and behaviour of vessels which are almost identical with real vessels. It is possible because these models use six degrees of freedom. NaviTrainer 5000 system, with configured NaviSailer 4000 offers training for ECDIS system operators at highest level as it both enables course participants to use electronic chart, to show possible errors and restrictions but also to use ECDIS during navigational watch on bridge.

This simulator can also be used to carry out scientific research both for incorporating this equipment to improve training efficiency, to improve the safety of navigation and to carry out research into collision avoiding behaviour to plan navigational routes, port approaches etc.