DP simulator

The DP simulator installed at Officer Training Centre of Gdynia Maritime University is based on the real Kongsberg K-Pos DP Operator Stations and RCU-501 DP controllers. The Operator Stations and DP controllers can be configured as dual- redundant DP Class 2 equipment. The DP simulation allows trainees to perform operations at the DP consoles in the same way as on real DP system installed onboard the DP vessel. In addition to basic DP operation the variety of different operational scenarios can be executed where the trainee has to face various operational problems and react to emergency situations.

The DP simulator is equipped with 3 Kongsberg K-pos DP consoles, which depending on the course needs can be arranged as:

  • 3 independent DP basic trainers;
  • DP 2 – dual operator stations advance DP simulator;
  • DP manoeuvring trainer – 2 DP consoles integrated with Kongsberg Polaris navigational bridge.

Additionally the DP trainers/simulator compartment is equipped with 42 inch LCD display serving as visualization channel for Polaris navigational bridge. During basic DP training this display will be connected to DP instuctor computer enabling the easy demonstration of the DP station operations, menus, displays etc. in the front of trainees.


The ships’ models available for DP simulation include:

  • MSV “Challenger” – simulated model of multipurpose DP vessel;
  • M/T “Britannia” – simulated model of shuttle tanker with DP capability;
  • “Alfa Semi” – multipurpose semisubmersible rig with DP capability.

The simulator DP bridge is equipped with three types of communication facilities which enable to maintain communication with instructor station serving as all “outside bridge” areas. The communication facilities include:

  • Polaris VHF LAN simulated radio with the full range of maritime channels;
  • Talk-back (intercom) link between DP bridge and Instructor station;
  • Set of hand-held CB radios.

Additionally, the simplified circuit, which allows sending the DP status alarms, is installed on the simulator bridge.